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The 10 animated chapters of Hopscotch act as narrative tent-poles for the story, created by an international team of 6 animation artists. Whether you watch them before or after you experience the opera, or if the animations are the only way you experience the piece, the animations complete the narrative world of Hopscotch.

The animations are also screened at The Central Hub from 12:30-1:00pm and from 2:30-3:00pm on performance days.

Music by Gnarwhallaby. Audio produced and mixed by Lewis Pesacov, engineered by James Hurwitz and Lewis Pesacov, assisted by Christopher Knollmeyer. Musical Direction by Marc Lowenstein.


Animation by Philipp Engelhardt

Written by Sarah LaBrie

Performed by John Schneider

Music by gnarwhallaby

Featuring members of the Trinity Youth Chorus, NYC: Erica D‘Acona, Katie Fountain, Jalene Lipowitz, Marcella Roy, Elisa Sikula, Josie Zenger

Chapter Synopsis

Lucha tells Jameson that she loves him. Jameson attempts to prove, through theoretical physics, that there is no way she could possibly know that she loves him—his way of coping with the intense love he feels for her.




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